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For the Culture: Reimagine Freedom

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

As a black woman born in America the intersectionality of race, class, and gender continues to be more than just spirited dinner conversation and trending hashtags. While most of non-black America is finally waking up to the realities of systematic oppression, the experience of racism, sexism, colorism, and classism was as much a part of my daily existence in the USA as my name. Despite the perceived and actual strikes against me, the ability to choose is one of my privileges.

I created Black and Wanderlust in 2017 to chronicle the adventures of my highly melanated family as we explore the world, nurture our best selves, and experience life beyond restrictions. This forum is in direct contradiction to those media outlets that monetize off of black pain, trauma, and heartbreak. This outlet presents a counterargument to the constant image influx and daily dosage of disenfranchised black lives, disempowered black bodies, diseased black communities, dismantled black marriages, and deconstructed black families. Rest in power to all of our fallen black angels. I stand in unity and pay homage to you Kings and Queens, as well as, all of our ancestors that have been brutalized, slaughtered, sacrificed, and paved the way with their blood, sweat, and tears.

"Leaving America is not just an escapist fantasy, it is a bold and viable act of resistance to American politics and antics."

That, however, is not the entirety nor finality of our stories. Traveling is more than luxury, it renders a new brand of freedom. Crafting a life outside of America is a form of activism. Leaving America is not just an escapist fantasy, it is a bold and viable act of resistance to American politics and antics. When my family moved abroad, we were proactive and intentional about redesigning a life for ourselves that challenged the negative expectations. Black men, women, and children are healthy, educated, fit, wealthy, sane, joyous, and fully covered. Black marriages are beautiful, plentiful, and fruitful. Black families are intact, impactful, and thriving. Black people swim, travel, love, earn, build, study, laugh, create; we are nobility, we are magical. We are the products of royalty and slavery, marches and sit ins, tortures and triumphs. We are the manifestations of ancestral prayers, generational gifts, and cultural shifts. We are heritage bearers; we are curse breakers. We are black, proud, and unapologetic. We own the narrative and we have options. We are the revolution.

Hey, Black and Wanderlust, what is freedom to you? Share your thoughts with us.

©2020 A Zulu Brownz Ink

All rights reserved.

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