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It's the Winter Solstice, Baby!

San Carlos, Costa Rica

What I love most about this season, especially the month of December, actually isn't my birthday. It is the festive twinkling of the lights, the hypnotic flames of the candles, the decorated trees with their array of metallic balls and whimsical ornaments, the marching bands and parades, the decadance of traditional cuisine, the waffling scents of cinnamon, pine, nutmeg, and peppermint that eminates the air, and the harmonious caroling of gospel/secular hymns that have ignited the merriment in me since I was a little girl. What I love most is that I am blessed to share these feelings with not just my family but the rest of the world. These are the things that have uplifted me even, and especially, when my actual birthday felt painful, lonely, or depressing.

In the past, like many others, I have also felt burdened by the pressures of obligation and people pleasing of the season. The sentiment overshadowed by the need to prove my worthiness through overgiving and overspending. Hoping to validate my position in someone's life by outdoing, which at its core was a fear of rejection cleverly disguised as generosity and responsibility. Measuring my value in and the status of my relationships by the quality or quantity of the gifts received. For some, this time of year can also feel loaded and heavy with grief, sadness, and despair as we are flooded with reminders of seasons past with loved ones we are missing or are estranged from.

What I love most is that I am blessed to share these feelings with not just my family but the rest of the world.

For the last several years, our family has explored a different intention fo giving. Rather than spending on elaborate gifts, we have focused on creating our own holiday traditions and fostering connection. We hope that these memories will be etched in our son's subconscious where he can readily access and tap into the joys of his childhood. It is equally important to deliberately create the good times in our marriage, not wait for them to happen, all year but especially in this season.

As we countdown the final days of 2023, my prayer for us #BlackandWanderlust is that we yield to the Spirit of December. It's is a time of celebratory anticipation INTERNATIONALLY, that includes and extends beyond race, culture, social/economic status or religious affiliation. It is an OPPORTUNITY for deeper conversations, fellowship, restoration, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. It's a call for less action and an invitation for more rest and introspection, less doing and more being present with others and inside of ourselves. May we all find new ways to celebrate and new reasons to be grateful. Be well, #BlackandWanderlust family, God speed into the New Year.

What are you tapping into this holiday season? Share your thoughts with us!

©2023 A Zulu Brown Ink

Black and Wanderlust

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