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ATV Riding, Waterfalls and Beach Bumming in Sardinal

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Probably one of our favorite family adventures thus far was the four hour ATV waterfall and beach tour in the town of Sardinal. After a brief instructional on how to operate the vehicles, we were guided through the town streets onto the dirt roads. For the first two hours, the tour guide took us through multiple terrains including muddy lakes, up and down hills, narrow and rocky trails. Howlers monkeys that sounded like gorillas shouted out to us from the treetops. Our tour guide warned us to jump into the water if one was to approach us. Ah! We stopped on top of a waterfall where other families were swimming and took some great pictures. We rode back to the comfort station for a quick lunch break (Gionni packed a picnic) and then headed back to the streets for the second half of our tour.

It was exhilarating to be flying at 40-45 miles an hour on the freeway, I felt like a complete bad ass. The trip to the beach was even more mountainous and more narrow with some very steep dips and climbs and really tested our ATV driving prowess. We parked our ATVs at Playa Panama for a dip in the cool waters. By this point we were hot and sweaty so the water was exactly what we needed. This beach hosted what looked and felt like thousands of tiny sardine looking fish that scurried as soon as you came close to them. The water was so gentle and calm, very few waves other than the ones created by approaching fishing and motor boats. We floated and swam until our hearts were content and then we began our journey back to the office. Gionni opted for the easy route back which was much smoother and flatter than the route up the mountain. We ended our day feeling exhausted and giddy. It was quite a rush! 

Sardinal, Costa Rica

The Zulu Brown Family Experience:

Family friendly- This was definitely a family friendly activity, especially for kids 6 and up. The little ones are unable to actually operate the vehicle of course but Lil' G enjoyed his backseat experience with Dad. Everyone is equipped with safety glasses and a helmet and you adjust your speed according to how fast/slow you feel comfortable riding. The tour guide will adapt to your  pace. 

Budget friendly- We paid $135 USD each for the two adults for the four hours plus transportation to and from our residence in Liberia.   It is on the higher end price wise compared to some of our other excursions. 

Customer service/communication - Our tour guide Diego was super friendly, he spoke great English so communication with him was very easy. He personally provided the door to door service. He was easy to reach over the phone and very personable. We would definitely be interested in touring with him again for a similar excursion or one of his other offerings.

Accessibility- The pick up and drop off made it a breeze to get to so it's definitely an activity you would have to schedule in advance. It doesn't seem to be a walk in option available but there are other places, like in the beach towns, where you can book day of excursions.

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