A Mango Woman's Manifesto: 2018 Edition

Updated: Apr 16

I thoroughly enjoy the free "spiritedness" of not worrying about the hows. Gone are the days when I design my life through the lens of deprivation or lackluster. There are far too many things within my disposal and arm's reach impatiently awaiting my "yes" to waste an ounce of my energy on the nuances or the minutia. I love lightly sometimes heavily sprinkling my desires into the universe and watching them unfold for me in God's favor. That is when I feel the most powerful! I prefer to manifest this way, from my heart and my spirit rather than through nagging and complaining; insecurity and whining, no thank you. I rid myself of these feelings; these worn out strategies that send you in the opposite direction of what you wish to draw in. When I am comfortable in my skin, my husband and I are "mejor amigos". We are happy, silly, fun, sexy, our energies interplay seamlessly; we are in rhythm with each other. When I am relaxed we feel delightfully good, I love when we achieve those times with each other, in equilibrium. However, I have to be in peace with myself in order to facilitate this kind of harmonious space for us.

“I love lightly sometimes heavily sprinkling my desires into the universe and watching them unfold for me in God's favor. That is when I feel the most powerful!”

Sometimes I'm a nervous wreck inside, my wires get frayed and I ruminate in my mind but when I concentrate on believing what exists for me is mine, I find my hips sway more rhythmically and I feel loose, sensual and sexual, like a grown ass woman of freedom. It is a true sense of confidence.  For me it starts with a daily intention to turn off those negative voices inside. If I get attached to a thought, a feeling, or an issue I tend to obsess about it; drive myself crazy with worry or doubt. But I am practicing to speak my desires into my concerns and ask myself what do I wish to originate in every situation I encounter. I desire to be even more open and free with myself and my partner. I remember when my husband ministered to me, God spoke right through him when he said "come forth Goddess. I see you".

I am a succulent ripe mango woman. The kind that invites you closer, to smell her and squeeze her flesh: firm yet yields to the touch.  Even from a distance one can tell by the yellow/ orange/ red hues of her skin, that her insides are delectably sweet.  But when you get in, open her up, her juices drizzle down the sides of your mouth and your forearms, eruptive and explosive. There has always been that woman buried inside hiding but I have her permission to come out. Some people ask me if I am on a spiritual quest, I prefer to consider myself on a path of self discovery as I weld all parts of me singularly.

In 2018, I am a honoring my Goddess with vigilant self care and radical self love.

What are you trying to manifest in 2018? Share with us!

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